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Saturday, January 31, 2004

BIG NEWS!!! I've just added a feature where people can leave comments (Nathalie says that the blog isn't interactive enough...but really, I just think she wants another way to mock me).
While doing this, I came across someone else's blog which had as its header lyrics by Toad the Wet Sprocket. How sad.

We watched the second half of "Star Search" tonight. It was either that or "Fear Factor," and I have to draw the line somewhere. "Star Search" should probably cross that line, but the line shifts dramatically when you don't have cable. The best (and only good) part is when Arsenio Hall asks the judges to "Hit me with the digits!" He gets so excited! Whereas back in the Ed McHahon era the score was given as the average out of four stars, the scores now are simply added up. The educational system has declined so far that the use of fractions would be too hoity-toity and alienate half the viewership. But rather than exclaim, "Hit me with the digits," Arsenio did some strange variation. "Let the digits rain down upon me!" or some crap like that. I'd been cheated.

And then CBS started its 21-hour Super Bowl Pre-Game show. Super Bowl prediction: Patriots 38, Panthers 13.

Friday, January 30, 2004

This morning's topic is a fun one: Nuclear weapons.

You would think that with the whole terrorist threat that the government would want to do everything it could to secure nuclear facilities. No-brainer, right? So Congress directed the Energy Department to start fining contractors who are in violation of federal safety standards. And what do the Bushies do? They want to eliminate the current safety standards that might be disagreeable to the contractors, and instead let the contractors write new standards for which they could be fined for violating.
In other news, fox declares that security at henhouse is "sufficient."

And while we're on the topic, I remember in elementary school having a fear of nuclear war. While somewhat more abstract than the fear of my older brother pummeling me, it was fear nonetheless. One of the ideas that gets bandied about these days is that Ronald Reagan ended the Cold War as a consequence of a U.S. military build-up and forceful rhetoric. Therefore, we should put Reagan's picture on the dime despite his support of Saddam Hussein while Iraq was using WMD, despite his support of the mujahadeen (think al queda and taliban) in Afghanistan b/c it was strategically useful at the time, despite his involvement in supporting brutal dictatorships in Latin and South America, despite the huge debts he left behind, despite the rise in poverty/homelessness/crime/global-AIDS-crisis under his watch.
The point is, Reagan didn't break the Soviets. He was no Rocky Balboa. Read this article and see for yourself.

Thursday, January 29, 2004

Kazam!!! 3 for 3 on my "Apprentice" picks. Bowie's so nice in his limo-ride post-firing testimonial. Kick him in the jimmy, and he'd probably say "thanks."

Next week's episode: the teams are shuffled, excitement, intrigue, backstabbing, blah blah blah.

Last night, I watched part of "America's Next Top Model." Apparently, for America's next top model, they're going for the look that I like to call "scary." I'm not sure when it happened, but at some point someone made the decision that qualities such as "pretty," "healthy-looking," and, of course, "not scary," are no longer the characteristics deemed necessary to be a top model. I wish someone would have told me this before I spent three years in grad school.
When I tuned in, they had the nine contestants at a starting line, and then the women rushed to crowd in front of a mirror and apply make-up. Quite the scene--650 lbs of women racing down a corridor, and the only thing left in their wake was the faint smell of dignity. I've seen contestants on "Fear Factor" maintain more self-respect while shoving bowls of sheep eyes and maggots into their mouths while being knee-deep in chum.
So, yes, I will be watching again next week.

Prediction for tonight's "The Apprentice": The women win again but are scolded for being harlots and using sex (again) to win, but the men still go to tribal council, and Bowie Hogg is fired.

James Brown, the Godfather, was apparently nabbed for domestic violence. His
soulful mugshot is going to give Nick Nolte a run for the money.

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

So I've got this blog. Can't say I'm exactly sure what to do with it. My life isn't the most interesting as of late. The most exciting event has been coming home the other day to find that Mr.Tibbs (our stately black cat) had not only thrown up *in* his food bowl but also on the carpet in the hallway and in the office. A typical Saturday night for me is to sit on the couch, alternating between watching the cat and watching DVDs. Don't get me wrong...I'm fine with that. It's about all that I can handle or need these days.
I could certainly rail endlessly about my deep running hatred of Dubya Bush. I loathe him. I cannot emphasize this simple fact enough. For those familiar with "My Life at the Ground Round," the diary of my experiences waiting tables during the summer of '02, recall the extent to which Avril Lavigne offended my senses. Multiply that by my disdain for Creed, and you will begin to understand my loathing for Shrub.
So as you can see, that wouldn't be very much fun to simply turn this into a polemic against the current cabal of radicals running the country. Informative? Yes. Therapeutic? Debatable. Fun? No.

But make no mistake. No matter the subject, in working toward a more free and prosperous Iraq, my blog will be a fount of wit, humor, and spite.

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Behold, the tasty goodness of my blog.

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