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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

"Do you think firefighting is a dangerous job?"
The phone just rang, and caller ID showed up as "Unknown." Gee, I wonder what that could mean. It's either a telemarketer, or one of my many stalkers hit *67 before dialing. There are two options here--ignore the call, knowing that whoever it is will just call back later; or, take the call and tell the person that Mr.Me has the bird flu and won't be available for a while. So, I answer the phone, notice the two second delay, and wait for, "Mr.You, how are you doing today? I'm calling on behalf of the Maryland state fire fighters association. Do you think firefighting is a dangerous job?"

Do I think it's a dangerous job? Hmmm....let me's a job that involves running toward, not away from, fires. Or kittens in trees. Do I think it's a dangerous job. Please.

Rather than engage this person, I tell her, "I'm headed out the door right now. Can you call back later?" Which really isn't any better than just not answering the phone in the first place. Why didn't I just say, "Yes, but I'm not donating anything, and please, take me off your call list"? Because I'm an idiot.

But really, I hate, hate, hate phone calls from these people or any one of the dozen state police organizations. And this latest bit of nonsense asking if I think the job is dangerous is just too much. STOP CALLING ME! UGH!

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