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Friday, April 14, 2006

That's just how they roll.
WASHINGTON -- One of the oldest White House traditions, the Easter Egg Roll, will take place on Monday.

Limited tickets are free to the public, and a large group of gay and lesbian parents is organizing a "camp-out" to make sure the White House knows America has nontradition families, too.

"It's important for people to know that gay and lesbian parents are here, that they exist, that they are raising children and that we, like all parents, want to participate in the great traditions of this country," said Jennifer Chrisler, of the Family Pride Coalition.

White House officials offered no comment other than to say that all families are welcome.
However, news of the gay and lesbian families' plans got mixed reviews from the public.

One man said he's opposed based on his religion.

"So, for them to publicly display themselves in that manner of the Easter Egg Roll, which is for children like that. It kind of brings about discouragement for me," D.C. resident Michael Jackson said.
Michael fucking Jackson. Kudos to the reporter who chose to go with that man's quotation. You made me laugh.
Others said the group is playing politics by publicizing its plan.

"I don't see why they have to make a production out of it. Nobody has ever said, as far as my knowledge, that they can't participate. So, why not just do it and enjoy the day?" Sharon Parker said.
Um, Sharon? You might want to talk to Michael Jackson about that one.

And just for the record, there is no War on Easter. How do I know? Falafelman O'Reilly told me so.

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