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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

My nemesis.
Up until four years ago, I never had any problems with allergies. I could snort a line of pollen and roll around in poison ivy with no consequence. But that all stopped, and last spring I finally had to get my first prescription of allergy meds. Things have kicked in even earlier this year, so now my eyes are itchy and I can't stop blowing my nose ("Tobias, you blowhard"). So I took one of the four remaining Allegra pills from last season and need to call in a refill. That stuff's expensive. Lucky me, I get to pay full price. I don't have a precription plan since I calculated that so long as I stay healthy and spend less than $450/yr on meds then I'm saving money. That right there is why these "health savings accounts" Shrub has proposed are a bad idea. We don't need to encourage even more people to make these gambles with their health.

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