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Friday, April 07, 2006

Mess-o-potamia. Blasts at Baghdad Shiite Mosques Kill Scores. At least 50 dead. Why does the media want us to lose in Iraq? Why do they keep focusing on this bad news? If the suiciders knew they weren't getting attention on the news every night, they'd surely stop it. What if this were happening here?
Washington, DC, April 7 -- Explosions tore through three Catholic churches in Washington, DC, on Friday as hundreds of worshipers were at prayer.

Initial reports from police put the death toll at 50 or more.

A Post reporter at the scene said what sounded like three mortars hit the largest of the churches in Georgetown. Police reported seven dead and 18 wounded in that explosion.

Police fired wildly into the air as pickup trucks hauled away the dead and wounded.

Across DC, suicide attackers blew themselves up among worshipers at two other Catholic churches, said Pat McGroyne, a top aide to Cardinal Smitty McBean.

The bombers hit two heavily Catholic neighborhoods, one in Georgetown, the other near Dupont Circle.

McGroyne said at least 30 people were killed at the two churches. Police still were removing bodies, he said.

In other news, a school was reopened in Alexandria, Va.
Why, it just doesn't make any sense if that were the case that the school opening wouldn't get more attention. Especially if bombings like that were happening all the time. It's just common sense, people.

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