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Monday, April 10, 2006

Item! Murderball. You should see it.

Item! Coke Blak. I think I like it, but I know I shouldn't.

Item! Kiefer Sutherland reportedly signed on for another three days of "24." If CTU is subsumed under DHS, we're screwed. As if CTU weren't bad enough on the background checks.

Item! Last place teams dumping star players toward the end of a fantasy basketball league season is a chump move. Get out the Tim Duncan voodoo dolls.

Item! George W. Bush. One of the worst presidents ever? Or the worst president ever?

Item! Inside Man. I'm easily amused. And so I was. But my Legal Counsel agrees with Ebert.

Item! Indian food cannot be beat. Lamb nilgiri korma. Mmm.

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