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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Word is Bond.
Okay, last one before I fall asleep. From Ben's old blog on 4/28/02:
I don't mind that being Puerto Rican probably helped me get in to this school. I had the grades, SAT scores, and (especially) extracurriculars to ensure that I was admitted Early Decision. But I was also designated a William & Mary Scholar.
At the time, being a W&M scholar meant getting four years of in-state tuition and fees covered. The program has since been restructured and the selection process is more involved. And as far as I recall, people got early decision admission because in the application they make a binding commitment to enroll if admitted. It wasn't some sort of special status like Ben makes it out to be. But I digress.

Long story short, Ben claims that an administrator somehow confirmed to him that W&M Scholars were chosen based on ethnicity. And at the thought that he only got the scholarship because he could check "Hispanic" (he's of Puerto Rican ancestry), he "could feel nothing but disgust."

Now here's the money quote:
Someday, when I can stand on my own two feet financially, I will pay back the College for their scholarship.
Ben is now gainfully employed by the as their in-house anti-pinko-commie Red Dawn blogger.

The question then is: Is Ben a man of his word? Ben attended W&M for three years from Fall 99 through Spring 02 before dropping out. That amounts to $14076 in tuition and fees that Ben pledged to return. Maybe he can work out an installment plan.

(kudos to my Legal Counsel for this find)

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