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Thursday, March 16, 2006

It's on! So here's how the entries look at first glance:
Axis of Evel Knievel: Champion: Duke beats UConn. Michigan State the only 6 seed to survive the first round. Otherwise, this bracket is completely neutered. No repeat this year. Fair Oaks Nut Busters entry is so weak, it's not worth mentioning.

Procfreak: Champion: BC over Duke. Third time's the charm? Arkansas beats Memphis in Round 2, Kent State wins one for the 12 seeds, and UConn is out in the Sweet Sixteen. Somebody let their school spirit get the better of them.

Airpolonia: Champion: Gonzaga over BC. Also likes Kent State over Pitt. Indiana the only 11 seed to make it to the weekend. Big upset pick: Northwestern State (14) over Iowa (3). If past history is an indicator, Airpolonia will stop keeping up with the bracket before the end of the month.

Tibbylicious: Champion: UConn over Duke. Marquette into the Sweet Sixteen. Big Upset: Iona (14) over LSU (4). Bracket the odds on early favorite to win it all. Tibby Power.

Crack Your Skull: Champion: Duke over Ohio State. UCLA to the Final Four. Texas A&M (12) knocks out Syracuse (5). Like several others, has Arizona winning a game. I'm seeing your future...and it doesn't involve Hot Wheels.

The Commodore: Champion: UConn over Texas. Pitt to the Final Four. Earliest exit for Gonzaga, losing to Indiana. Likes GMU over Michigan State and Georgetown to the Sweet Sixteen. Somebody's been drinking too much Kool-Aid.

Your Logo Here: Champion: UConn over Gonzaga. Washington the only 5 seed out of Round 1. LSU in the Final Four. Big Upset: South Alabama (14) beats Florida (3). This is the greatest and most powerful bracket in the history of the universe. Solid.

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