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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Even Ben doesn't listen to himself.
In his third installment of the blog sensation sweepting the nation, Red Dawn America, Ben Domenech does his best to convince us that he is amused by the firestorm created by his hiring, calling it an "impressive reaction." In jest, Ben says:
I'm happy that no one's engaged in any ridiculous hyperbole, unfounded accusations or unintentionally hilarious name-calling. We can all agree that such things lower the quality of debate on the Internet, play to the worst side of our knee-jerk partisan nature and have no place in the modern public square.
By name-calling, does Ben mean calling Coretta Scott King a "communist"?
Do statements such as "Al Gore can suck it" lower the quality of debate? Granted, regular readers know that I've done a good deal myself to lower the quality of debate. But the Post would never hire me because my father wasn't Jack Abramoff's man in Interior.

Ben also says that they'll be rolling out comments soon. I cannot wait.

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