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Monday, February 13, 2006

Virginia Senate Passes Indoor Smoking Ban
RICHMOND, Feb. 13 -- The Virginia State Senate voted Monday to ban smoking in restaurants and virtually all public places, a surprisingmove in a state that is home to the worldwide headquarters of Philip Morris and some of the nation's largest tobacco farms.

The body narrowly approved the measure after a short but fiery debate over the public health risks of secondhand smoke and consumer choice.

The bill, sponsored by a Republican from Roanoke, would make smoking illegal in all public workplaces, with the exception of certain tobacco stores and offices. The prohibition would extend to bars, eateries and bowling alleys.

Well that's certainly surprising. Of course, it still has to pass the House of Delegates. And that's where they keep the real winners.

But that would be fantastic if it happens. There's nothing worse than passing out on the bathroom floor with your ass hanging over the toilet and waking up with your jeans soaked because the pant legs dipped down into the toilet water (which is a relief b/c at first you thought you had pissed yourself), and then having your clothes reek of cigarette smoke. I hate it when that happens.

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