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Monday, February 27, 2006

Unnatural Mail.
2/27/95 UC Downstairs
Letters from home, [Unnatural Man]?
That would have been a Monday. My day probably went like this: 9:00 World Geography (earth formation, weather systems, blah blah, probably fell asleep); 10:00 Principles of Sociology (got a B+ in that one); 11:00 Western Art Music (classical music plus dim lighting plus comfy seats equals more sleep); 12:00 Intro to Philosphy (Descartes and friends). I was making an effort that semester to skip fewer classes, so I probably actually went to all four (sleeping, however, was apparently fine). And then it was over to the UC for a chicken sandwich, fries, a slice of pie/cake of some sort, and the checking of the mailboxes where we saw the Man. After that, I likely went back to the dorm, jotted down the details of the siting, and took a nap before playing some foosball. Being 18 was tough.

To assist in the timewarp back to This Date in Unnatural History, here is the Late Show Top Ten for that day, and here is what was served up as a political scandal at the time. Nothing about prison abuse, lying the country into an unnecessary war, bungled responses to national emergencies, outing of CIA operatives for political gain, illegal wiretapping on a massive scale, the Veep shooting a man in the face, etc. etc.

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