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Monday, February 06, 2006

Swova. On occasion, I read the Letters to the Editor on the Roanoke Times website. I don't know why. The letters can be classified along a few basic lines--complaints about the "liberal bias" of the paper (truthiness sells back home), jawing about stadiums for local high schools, Hokie football, and traffic. Oh, and fear of brown people:
Illegal immigrants will take over Roanoke

My concern is the influx of illegals into Virginia, and, more important, here in Roanoke.

I and two other friends recently bought homes here because of the beautiful old homes and the rich American history.

We want to live as Americans. We moved here from Southern California, which has been overrun with illegals.

If the good citizens of this area refuse to open their eyes to what is beginning to happen here, my heart fears this area, too, will become overrun by illegals.

At present, English in Southern California is a second language, with Spanish being the primary language.

This will be Virginia's fate, and more tragically, Roanoke's, unless awareness is brought about.

My heart sank recently. As I was driving in the city, I observed at two different homes the Mexican flag flying outside their doors.

This in itself may not sound too terrible. But we're at war. Our men and women are fighting and dying in Iraq, not Mexico.

It all starts with small steps. I pray that together we can change the fate of Southwest Virginia before it's too late.

Susan R. Larsen
I don't know Susan Larsen. But I understand her fear. Like Susan, I know that if we let too many Mexican flags fly freely over our land (especially those parts taken from Mexico), then it will only be a matter of time before we will be submitted to forced internment in Spanish-immersion courses. And then what next? What sort of flags will people be flying freely if we follow down this dangerous path? The French flag? That will be a cold day in Hell, friends. No way we're going to let people think that American soldiers would ever dare to die in France! No, we should follow Susan's proud logic and all hoist up the flagpole the Iraqi flag. That is where soldiers are dying every day. I have no doubt that Susan would be greatly comforted to drive through her neighborhood and see in front of every house the Iraqi flag flowing in the wind.

Like Susan, I know Roanoke. Roanoke is soft. Roanoke is weak. Roanoke is dimwitted. Though Roanoke County boasts a population of 87,679 of which 93.6% are white and 1% are of Hispanic or Latino origin (1.5% in the city), it is ripe to be conquered.

And who more qualified to conquer the Star City of the South than immigrants who have proven their grit by working the jobs that the liberal elite in their patchouli-scented enclaves wouldn't think to touch with their delicate, milky-white, neatly manicured hands, at wages that barely allow for subsistence. This is indeed the greatest threat to the American way of life.

I call on all Roanokers to take advantage of the geographic location in which God has placed you, make use of the mountains that surround the land that was taken from Native Americans and which you have fought for all these years. Others might say that the valley was created over millions of years of procession and recession of glaciers. Bah. How can that be when the Earth is only 6000 years old?

Build a wall, Roanoke. You are in a valley. The mountains have given you a head start. Fulfill your destiny. Before it is too late, and before the Mill Mountain Star is torn down and replaced with some other clunky neon structure. Do it for the kids. Do it for America.

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