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Friday, February 17, 2006

People Who Have No Place Showing Up In My Dreams.

#1: Lynne Cheney, author and wife of the Vice President (who shot a man in the face)
Should I be having a dream that I am visiting the White House for whatever reason, you have no place showing up in my dream. Were I to be visiting the Old Executive Office in my dream, then I would expect that you would be out of town and unavailable for making an appearance, perhaps because you had a book burning to attend. Your husband, the Vice President who shot a man in the face, and his little buddy George have made numerous cameos in my dreams. Usually, I am yelling at them and hurling a variety of insults and accusations their way. This is to be expected as I am not quite stable. But you, Mrs.Cheney, have no reason to be there. Though you were not entirely unwelcoming, and you did give me a short tour of the place. Still though, please stay away.

(Note: This was a couple of months ago, and it has taken me a while to get over the trauma and be able to speak about this in public....and keep your dirty little minds to yourselves)

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