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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Blog On Demand. Two items sent in as requests, one from a former blogger, and the other from my Firearms Safety Correspondent.

From the former blogger, we learn of The Ugly Face of Crime. Attractiveness associated with deviance. Not particularly groundbreaking in its assertion, and the evidence is based on a survey in which the interviewers are asked to rate the attractiveness of the student on a 1-5 scale. It's less likely that poorer students would be able to afford the nice clothes, or have the nice haircuts, or well-applied make-up that more well-to-do students would likely have. Also, poorer students tend to lack the cultural capital possessed by wealthier students. These things probably factor into the interviewers' assessments. But what do I know?

From my Firearms Safety Correspondent, a request to mention Roanoke's heroin-meteorology connection. Apparently other than what to do with Victory Stadium, it's all people in town can talk about. One weatherman overdosed recently, and another weatherman has also admitted to being on the smack. Really, it makes sense. Calling the weather is probably a stressful job. The livelihood of thousands of kids is resting on your shoulders. And it must be a total powertrip to know that you can cause thousands of people to rush out to the grocery and buy bulk amounts of bread, milk, and eggs. Because in this day and age, we clearly lack the technology to survive a few inches of snow, each snowfall pushing us to the brink of the endtimes.

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