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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Falafel. With so many instances of just how full of shit Bill O'Reilly is, it begs the question of just how stupid you have to be to actually watch and believe his show. Not to mention his falafel fetish.

So here's O'Reilly fighting against another salvo in the War on Christmas:
O'REILLY: Yeah. I think it's the first time in my lifetime that the United States Postal Service has not had a spiritual stamp for people like you who would like them. And, again, disrespectful. Flat-out disrespectful, insulting you and your beliefs, [caller], because your spiritual stamp is in context to the celebration of Christmas. And we gotta stop that, and we will.
A shocking allegation from O'Reilly. If there isn't a spiritual stamp on a Christmas card, people everywhere will wonder just why the fuck they are getting all this mail and why they have a tree in their living room.

Shocking. But not true. The USPS continues to sell "Madonna and Child" postage stamps this holiday Christmas season. O'Reilly might still have a point, though. Every year, a new "Madonna and Child" design is usually chosen. But not this year. This year, they are using the same design as last year.

So it's true! There is a War on Christmas, and Christmas is losing! But no. Why wasn't a new design chosen? There was an overstock of stamps left over from last year. An overstock! That's just flat-out disrespectful and insulting.

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