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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Democracy Rocks. Pop quiz, hotshot. Can you identify to which country's election the following quotation refers?
"This election is completely false. It insults democracy everywhere. Everything was based on fraud, cheating, frightening people, and using religion to frighten the people."
If you said, "Iraq," then give yourself two points! If you said, "America," then you'll be surprised at just how quickly the Iraqis have gotten the hang of this whole "democracy" thing.
BAGHDAD, Dec. 20 -- Sunni and secular political parties angrily claimed Tuesday that Iraq's national election was rigged, threatening to leave in shambles the delicate plan to bring Iraq's wary factions together in a new government.

Faced with an emerging strong victory by the religious Shiite group that has close ties to Iran, the minority Sunnis demanded a new election and hinted darkly that the violence of the insurgency would be accelerated by the suspicions of fraud.
Such fast learners. It took us over two centuries to get to such a point, and Iraq did it on their first try. Totally worth the hundreds of billions of dollars, and the thousands wounded and killed to watch this heartwarming story unfold in which a political party of religious conservatives with strong ties to Iran takes power amid charges of fraud and corruption and continuing violence.

Huzzah! And if they cross their fingers, the Iraqis might also get a leader who thinks he is infallible, above the law, and on a mission from god.

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