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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Unnatural Tray. Having failed to get a picture of Unnatural Man, we turned to collecting other trophies. The first trophy was the sign on his dorm room door with his name on it. But this was largely unsatisfying. So we set our sites on bigger prizes. And on November 9, 1994, we acquired the Unnatural Tray.
11/9 U.C. [Dining Hall]*
Can place immense amounts of food on his fork at one time. We now have possession of Unnatural tray.
What is the Unnatural Tray? Why, the food tray that he used at dinner that night.

But we weren't done with the Man that night, as evidenced by the following entry:
11/9 Old Dominion Room [# censored]*
Brushes his hair w/ a very large brush-- More Bryan Adams posters-- I think this guy may be dangerous.
Funny, us calling him dangerous.

* entries recorded by someone else

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