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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

11/15 New Development: It's possible there are other Unnatty stalkers. Found a phony request for passengers to go to Philly. Mysterious?
In the basement of the University Center, there was a ride board where people could post offers/requests for rides to and from wherever. And here is the posting in question:

The veracity of the post was never determined. And so we never figured out whether or not there were actually others fascinated by Unnatural Man, even if they called him by another name such as Bizarre Boy or Mr.Strange or That Dude With the Plastic Skin.

But assuming that the post was actually real (and that by taking it, we probably kept him from having a riding companion)....Leaving early on a Wednesday for Philly? Willing to pay for everything including lunch just to have someone ride along?

It is...Unnatural.

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