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Friday, October 07, 2005

This day (and yesterday) in Unnatural History.
10/6 UC Breakfast
dressed up...court date? child molestation?

10/6 OD Parking Lot
New tags on the Unnatural Car...using his tool.

10/6 James Blair Dr.
Very cold, wearing shorts...very unnatural.

10/7 UC dining room*
Very polite.
The 6th must have been a very unnatural day for seeing our Man. And just what were the new tags that he was putting on his car? See for yourself from this picture taken outside of the AMF Williamsburg Bowl.

"BRY ADMZ"....Bryan Adams. Yes, that Bryan Adams. Unnatural, no? This is a particular theme that will unfold over time.

(* logged by someone not me)

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