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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Opening the Unnatural Files.
9/27 UC Dining Room
He had cheesecake.

9/28 Swem Library
Very studious...hmmm....

9/28 Sunken Garden
Walks funny--ass sticking out

9/29 UC Post Office
Has a male friend named Shannon*

9/29 Internet
Likes to compute*

9/20 UC Breakfast
Like fruit*

10/3 Swem Library
Sam's 1st sighting*

10/3 OD Fire Drill
Ben's 1st; pant-wearing habits unnatural

10/4 UC Breakfast
slacks, shirt, & tie...for waffles?

10/5 James Blair Dr.
Where's the flood?

Unnatural Fact of the Day: Unnatural Man's majors were Math and French.

By "Where's the flood," I meant that he was wearing highwater pants.
(* logged by someone other than me)

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