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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Moron. So while people were drowning in New Orleans, our decisive and courageous president was eating cake with John McCain and strumming a guitar backstage with some country singer. I suppose that Karl Rove decided there isn't much political hay to be made out of this disaster, and so it wasn't until four days later that Dear Leader decided to cut his vacation short and come back to DC so that he can...umm...well, I don't know.

This morning, he told that huge pile of crap Diane Sawyer, "I don't think anyone anticipated the breach of the levees." That's bullshit.

Reminiscent of when Condiliar said that nobody imagined that planes could be hijacked and used as missiles. And we know that was bullshit also.

Some would say that this isn't the time to place blame for what has happened. That, too, is bullshit. Sure, Shrub didn't actually cause the hurricane himself. And it's really a feat that New Orleans hadn't been wiped out before now. But it was Shrub who decided to send off all the National Guard to Iraq, Shrub who cut funding to the programs designed to keep New Orleans safe, and Shrub who did nothing before or after the hurricane hit to lessen the potential damage.

And if I were a little more strident, I'd even say let's blame every person who cast a ballot for Shrub last November because it's their votes that led to this deficit of leadership. But, I'll be generous, and grant that even some of the people who voted for Shrub might not have imagined just what a clusterfuck we'd find ourselves in only seven months into his second term. But I'm never strident, so I'd never suggest anything like that.

Here's to the next 1237 days. Na zdrowie!

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