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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Condiliar. Maybe Condi should have stayed in New York shopping for shoes. I loathe her.
BAYOU LA BATRE, Ala. - Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice defended President Bush on Sunday against charges that the government's sluggish response to Hurricane Katrina showed racial insensitivity.

"Nobody, especially the president, would have left people unattended on the basis of race," the administration's highest-ranking black said as she toured damaged parts of her native Alabama.
She's right. It had nothing to do with race. It had to do with his own incompetence and inability to care about anything other than waging war, cutting taxes, and dismantling the government. Anyway, so many of those people who didn't evacuate chose to be poor, infirm, elderly, or children. They had it coming to them.
Later, during a service at the Pilgrim Rest AME Zion church outside Mobile, Rice nodded in agreement as the Rev. Malone Smith Jr. advised the congregation, "Wait for the Lord."

"There are some things the president can do; there are some things the government can do," Smith told about 300 worshippers during a rollicking two-hour service. "But God can do all things. I want you to know he's never late. He's always on time."

Rice later echoed the call for patience.

"The Lord is going to come on time — if we just wait," she said.
Your Lord might come on time Condi, but your administration was too fucking late.

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