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Monday, August 29, 2005

Hi there. I'm back from vacation, rested and relaxed. It was a week of sitting on the beach, getting tossed around by the waves, taking afternoon naps, playing golf, and eating good food. I even flew a kite.

What I didn't do was read or watch any news. And you know what I realized? It doesn't really matter. Bush is still a dangerous moron, Iraq is still fubar, the wingnuts are still nutty, and not much has changed. Did it make any difference whether or not I read all about Pat Robertson promoting the assassination of political leaders? Or that I know all the details of Faux News stupidly giving out some person's address claiming (incorrectly) that the person had links with terrorism? Or that I paid attention to the details of what a closet extremist Bush's SCOTUS nominee is? No. It didn't.

Frankly, I really don't have much of an inclination to do much with this little old blog here. That will probably change soon, but with the fall semester starting up this week, I expect to be fairly busy for a few days. I'll get around to posting a couple of pictures from vacation later today or tomorrow--sand, the ocean, and maybe a frog.

But that will do for now.

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