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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Oh, Karl. Look what you've done. You've gone and made Scotty McMuffin look like a fool.

A few simple questions: Did shrub ever ask Rove if he was involved?

If he did and Rove said "No," then how does Shrub feel about being lied to?

If Rove said "Yes," then what the hell is he still doing in the Cracker Crib?

If Shrub didn't ask Rove, then why not? Simple-- you don't ask questions that you don't want answered.

Prison orange will look good on ya, Karl.

Of course, now that it's clear that Rove was involved in the effort to discredit Wilson, it's almost a certainty that nothing will happen. Getting my hopes up has not done much good in the past with this cabal.

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