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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Numbers. Some polling on Rove in USA Today:
by 34% to 25%, Americans have an unfavorable view of Rove; 25% have never heard of him.
1 out of 4 have never heard of Rove. Must be nice. I, too, would like to have never heard of Karl Rove. But let's continue:
The controversy hasn't gripped the public's attention. Just half of those surveyed say they are following the story closely; one in five aren't following it at all.
I'd venture to say that any time you can get half of the people following anything closely, that would amount to "gripping the public's attention."

So half of the people polled are following closely. Let's take the next step and assume (bad, bad, very bad assumption) that the poll is representative of the population. Which it isn't. But let's keep going anyway. The U.S. adult population is 218 million. Half of that is 109 million people. Extrapolating from the poll, that would mean 109 adults are following Leakgate.

By comparison, 90 million people watched the Super Bowl this year. 50 million people watched the "Friends" finale last year. Bill O'Lielly's television show averages 2 million viewers. And those figures include the under 18 population as well.

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