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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Nothing. I have nothing. Just enjoying watching the GOP squirm over their main man Rove.

Wednesday Washington Post article on Rove:
GOP on Offense in Defense of Rove

Republicans mounted an aggressive and coordinated defense of Karl Rove yesterday, contending that the White House's top political adviser did nothing improper or illegal when he discussed a covert CIA official with a reporter.

With a growing number of Democrats calling for Rove's resignation, the Republican National Committee and congressional Republicans sought to discredit Democratic critics and knock down allegations of possible criminal activity.

"The angry left is trying to smear" Rove, RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman, a Rove protege, said in an interview.

Funny. Mehlman uses the word "smear," and so does intrepid CNN reporter Kyra Phillips. Funny coincidence there. Who knew that poor little Karl Rove was the victim in all this?

"The Daily Show" was most excellent tonight.

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