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Thursday, July 28, 2005

More mail. I'm beginning to wonder about my adoptive prayer group. This came in the other day (name are changed just for kicks):
Most of you have been aware of the rocky road Barb and I have been walking down for the last two years. God has blessed us so much and so many miracles, both large and small have happened making the road sunny.

A settlement has been agreed upon which doesn’t bankrupt us – in fact, the final penny does not have to be paid until Barb and I have both safely been greeted by Our Lord! We prayed for months and months that hearts would be softened and true to His promise, they were!

I am asking today that if you would so desire, please write a note/letter or anything at all to her attorney attesting to Barb's character. Dan is going to meet with the DA next Wednesday, the 3rd to discuss the next step. Dan has been a practicing for many years and has never asked for a meeting such as this.

He received a call from the District Attorney last Friday who told him that he would be handling the case. The DA has been friends with Dan for many years. He told Dan that this is the most bizarre case he has ever seen and of course, he deals in everything imaginable.

Dan is requesting as many “character” letters as possible so that he can demonstrate this was not intentional and reinforcing the diagnosis of dissociative amnesia per the letter written by the expert psychiatrist of the Superior Court.
And then today, I got another message regarding Barb's apparent legal problems with another request for character reference letters:
The time has come that Barb needs as much help as possible. Her attorney would like as many character letters as possible referencing her character and integrity. Nothing should be said regarding any accusations or feelings. Dan, her attorney, needs these character letters to take to the DA to help dissuade him from any further legal action. He doesn’t want them mailed, just sent via fax or email.

Barb's husband would appreciate everyone’s help! Here is the Attorney's info. e-mail address is listed below, please allow God to move your heart, and speak up for Barb, our sister in Christ.

Thanks to Our Lord and Saviour.
I wonder if this is in any way related to the handicapped son with the porn addiction.

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