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Friday, July 22, 2005

From the mailbag. Some time last year, I started receiving emails from a San Diego-based prayer group. My email address was mistakenly added for someone with the same last name as me. That person must be wondering why they were shut out from the group. I kindly asked the ringleader to remove my email from the list, and he obliged. A few months went by, and someone must have used an old email list because I started getting the messages again. Rather than sending another email asking that I be removed, I decided to just let them keep on rolling in. So I hear about their prayer group meetings, potlucks, and birthdays. The most frequent email item is prayer requests.

This one that I received the other day was particularly good. I've changed the names for whatever reason.
Prayer Needed
Please pray for Andrea's son Stephen. He is handicapped and is making some tough decisions for:

Where and who to live with
His health issues
His deliverance from a pornography addiction
His dedication to the Lord- he had an episode where he felt the Lord delivered him and has dedicated his life!

Andrea has requested we keep him in our prayers...Please do.
To quote a friend, "I think if you're handicapped, God allows you to have a pornography addiction. I'm pretty sure that's in Corinthians."

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