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Monday, July 11, 2005

Exercise Update. I had planned on reporting at this point that I had completed Week 5 of the exercise program. But I didn't plan on having significant pain in my right knee after finishing Week 3. And while I might be a wedge of spite, that wasn't enough to make me risk a more serious injury by pushing right on through. So I've taken the past two weeks off.

Then does this mean that the few of you who voted that I would make it 3-6 weeks before feigning or being injured are correct? Oh no, my friends. Allow me to use some Rovian parsing. I did not actually say that I would complete the program in nine consecutive weeks. I only said that it was a nine week program and that I was intent on completing those nine weeks. A-ha. I left myself an opening. I'll be picking back up tomorrow with a week of just walking, and then next week I'll re-do the third week and continue from there. And if all goes well, I'll finish the first week of September.

Being 29 is great. Just great.

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