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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Summertime Television. It's the worst. And I am weak. Like Kristin, I watched "Hell's Kitchen" last night. Seeing the British chef dude (who the contestants must address like a drill sergeant) tell customers to "fuck off" is a pleasure for anyone who has ever worked in food service. But I imagine that as the show progresses, fewer customers will called "fuckers," and so my interest will wane.

Tonight, it was "Fire Me, Please," a show in which contestants have to--you guessed it--try and get fired. I'll bet this show is a hoot for all the unemployed. But what else are they going to do, right? So CBS is providing a valuable service for all those people whose unemployment insurance has run out and not been extended thanks to compassionate conservativism. The show was funny enough but the novelty will wear off faster than the stickiness of a wacky wall-walker. And no amount of warm water will make it better. But if you can catch the "Queer Eye" with the Red Sox, it's worth a watch.

Shows that I'll not be watching a single minute of...any show involving a dance or singing competition; shows centering on the uber-rich or people who are famous for no reason other than being rich; Big Brother 6.

Let's see...what else is there to share....I started to exercise tonight. While keeping my heartrate below 100 bpm for most of the last year has been relaxing, it hasn't done much to keep me fitting comfortably in my pants. So I'm doing a nine week couch-to-5K plan. And I've put a poll on the right where you can express your lack of confidence in my ability to follow through. Your vote might not count in federal elections, but it will always count here.

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