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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Shrub-a-dub-dub. As planned, I didn't watch Shrub's pep rally. From what I hear, it doesn't seem like I missed much. No surprise there. The over/under for mentions of 9/11 was four, so congratulations to those of you who bet on the over.

In addition to quoting Osama bin Forgotten calling the war on terra "World War III" (following the old saying--if you can't catch him, quote him) and again trying to connect 9/11 with Iraq, Shrub finally asked for Americans to do their part. He called on Murkans to fly the flag on July 4th to show their support for the troops. What a novel idea.

Shrub also plugged a DOD website, America Supports You where people can leave messages thanking the military. Of the 81,000 messages received, only 26,000 have actually been posted. Not sure what that's about. But there might be some screening going on. The messages are searchable by keyword. A search for "Bush" returned 266 hits. Of those 266, only three were critical of dear leader:
"I go to every peace demonstration to get the troops
the hell out of that mess. Mr. Bush lied to us."

"I don't support President Bush, but I certainly
support all our service men and women who put their
lives on the line for us every day."

"I support your effort I fully apreciate you serving
our country I just don't agree with Bush sending you
all over there."
And then doing a search for "Kerry" yielded these two gems:
"We are voting and keeping the liberal pacifists from
giving aid the enemy the way John Kerry and Jane Fonda
did during Vietnam."

"While the rest of the pessimistic world stands idly
by, and as the enemies of freedom: Ted Kennedy,
Cameron Diaz, Ted Turner, John Kerry, Al Gore, Star
Jones, Bon Jovi, Barbara Boxer, Matt Damon, Ben
Affleck, Bono, Phil Donahue, Bruce Springsteen, Dixie
Chicks and other Anti-War, Pro-Saddam personalities
make their opinions loudly heard..."
Damn that Jon Bon Jovi!!! It's his fault that the military is bogged down in a war started under false pretenses, the troops are overextended and don't have sufficient body armor of armor on humvees, and there is no exit strategy.

Other searches and number of hits: president (649), commander in chief (46), liberal media (12), lesbian (1), pack of lies (0).

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