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Monday, June 27, 2005

More chickenshit. These accounts from two moles at the College Republican National Convention alternate between being hilarious and infuriating.

And what's this? Bush and Blair actually started the war in Iraq in the summer of 2002, when they were claiming that no decisions had been made? I'm shocked. Shocked, I say.

Shrub is giving some speech tomorrow night down at Ft.Bragg in North Carolina with soldiers as his backdrop. He's suckered the networks into covering the charade even though there will likely be nothing new said (freedom, hard work, 9/11, blah blah blah). All part of the new and improved "you're with me, or you're against the troops" campaign. Maybe they should try the flightsuit gimmick again, this time with fireworks and a dancing pig. I will not be watching.

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