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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Kaboom. Last week, we was riding his bike clueless that thousands of people in D.C. were to told to implement the post-9/11 disaster mitigation plan, a.k.a. run for your lives. And now this:
Contrary to initial reports, a grenade that landed within 100 feet of President Bush during an appearance in the Georgian capital of Tbilisi last week was a live explosive that was tossed into the crowd and posed a threat to the president, the FBI said today.

FBI agent Bryan Paarmann, the bureau's legal attache in Georgia, said in a statement that the grenade was wrapped in a handkerchief when it was thrown and only failed to detonate because of a mechanical malfunction.
White House spokesman Scott McClellan said at the time that Bush was not aware of the incident until he was informed by Secret Service agents on the trip home.
Protocols I guess. If a grenade is tossed in my general direction, that's the sort of information that I'd like to have ASAP. But not Shrub. He's not one to be bothered by some tinhorn terrorist.

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