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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Unfit for Pageantry. New Ms.Wheelchair Crowned After Dispute:
MILWAUKEE - A new Ms. Wheelchair Wisconsin has been crowned after pageant leaders stripped the original winner of the title when she appeared in a newspaper photograph standing up.

The announcement of the new winner Tuesday came amid a storm of protest over pageant officials' decision last week to take the crown away from Janeal Lee, a high school teacher and muscular dystrophy sufferer who uses a scooter as her main way to get around but says she can walk up to 50 feet on a good day and stand while teaching.
The Wheelchair Pageant Veterans for Truth first brought this story into the spotlight, charging in a picture book, "Unfit for Pageantry," that Janeal Lee has lied about her medical history and participation in junior pageants.

Said Wheelchair Pageant Veterans for Truth leader, Johnetta O'Neill, "Twenty years ago when Janeal Lee was protesting an unsanctioned junior miss pageant, she threw away the tiarra she won the previous year for congeniality. Not only was that not congenial, that act dishonored every pageant contestant on the catwalk, still in the shit, and gave aid and comfort to our enemy--the evil feminists. She pretended to have muscular dystrophy just to get out of 6th grade gym class when in fact she just had a foot cramp. I know because I was there."

In actuality, Janeal Lee threw away her sash, not her tiarra, and she has always been consistent on this point. Also, the leader of the WPVFT was in the same school only after Janeal Lee had transferred to another district. Medical records support Lee's version of events.

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