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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Jeebus. It's the Jesus Action Doll! Collect them all! (via this blog)
A talking Jesus doll is due to go on sale in May, along with versions of Moses, the Virgin Mary and David, as a teddy bear maker tries to find a market with churches and religious families.

The foot-tall Jesus doll will be able to recite five Biblical verses at the push of button on its back, while the Moses doll will recite the Ten Commandments. The Mary doll will recite a long Bible verse.
But you'll have to order your very own talking Jesus over the internet since it won't be available in stores:
"In the beginning we don't feel it'd be right to put it in Toys R Us and be next to a Barbie or a Bratz," [Josh Livingston, one of the founders] said.
Yeah...because that would be in poor taste or something. The makers have spared no detail as the dolls will have hand-sewn period clothing! You'll have hours of fun knowing that a little girl in Vietnam has put her own personal touch on your Jesus doll.

And check out this picture:

Jesus and Moses are huge. Looks like they've been hanging out with the talking Jose Canseco action doll.

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