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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Propane and propane accessories. Everyone's favorite war profiteer, Halliburton, is back in the news. Seems that they charged you and me $27.5 million for transporting $82K worth of propane from Kuwait.

In college, we had a propane space heater for a two-story, poorly insulated house that we shared with the squirrels that lived in the attic before moving into living area. There weren't any ducts to carry the heat throughout the house, so the system worked on the principle of heat rising. The tank for the heater cost $125 to fill, and if we would have left it on just during waking hours, it would have lasted a week at most. Consequently, we made the shift to electric space heaters which jacked up the electric bill, but with four of us, it wasn't too unreasonable. The house was still fairly chilly though, resulting in scenes like this one with me sitting on the floor in front of a space heater while eating a tub of vanilla cake icing.

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