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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Now is the time on Sprockets when we dance! Brackets are locked, and the tournament has begun. Of the ten entries into our group, UNC is the most popular pick to win with four people selecting them (Boston Fenway Slim; Juneau Fistez Moi; Roanoke Kbreene; New York Procfreak); two for Illinois to win (Twoheaded Turtles; Izzwizzy), and one each for Connecticut (Poland Airpolonia), Georgia Tech (Mr.Tibbs' 10 lb. Balls), Duke (Bartlesnoon), and Gonzaga (El Diablo de Sociologia). The most popular pick for the finals is an Illinois-UNC match-up.

Some other observations: Six of us have Illinois in the finals, but only two think they'll win. Everyone but El Diablo has at least one and up to three ACC teams in the Final Four. The lowest-seeded teams anyone put in the Elite Eight are Utah (Procfreak) and Pacific (Izzywizzy). Airpolonia is going to get burned for taking Arizona to the finals. The way to determine how far to take Zona is to ask how far you think they could go, and then have them lose the round before that. Procfreak and Fenway Slim have the anti-underdog brackets with two 8-9 games their only upsets in the first round. The most popular 5-12 upset pick is ODU over Michigan State. And I'll take the "Worst Decision" award for taking Vermont to the Sweet 16. Go Catamounts!

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