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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

He loves me...he loves my caribou. Oillllll!!!!!!! Republicans gave the oil industry a big sloppy kiss today while giving the finger to sensible energy policy in voting to drill for oil in Alaska:
WASHINGTON - Amid the backdrop of soaring oil and gasoline prices, a sharply divided Senate on Wednesday voted to open the ecologically rich Alaska wildlife refuge to oil drilling, delivering a major energy policy win for President Bush.
Of course, this will do absofuckinglutely nothing to affect gasoline prices. In fact, drilling won't even begin until 2014 at the earliest. And at its peak, it will produce 1 million barrels a day--meaning that until it hits peak, and after it hits peak, it will produce quite a bit less. But who cares, right? Professional athletes might be taking steroids!

Kudos to whoever can answer where "He loves me...he loves my caribou" comes from. And no googling.

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