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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Going once, going twice.... Amazingly, the Yahoo! auction for Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction is still going on. It would seem that Yahoo! is not as vigilant as eBay at hunting down evildoers. But that might be because bidding has stalled at $57 (what a bargain!!!) and hasn't yet hit $27,755. A sale like that on Yahoo! would incur a seller's fee of $144.13. I'd bet that's enough money to get someone in trouble with their significant other. All the more reason for you to get on there and make a bid. And just like the Bush administration, who's to say you have to even pay for it?!? Just tack it on to the national debt and let some other sucker worry about it.

What's that you say? Have I made a bid? No, my pretties, my legal counsel has advised me that it's in my best interest not to get too involved.

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