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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Eat the poor. If that isn't the plan, then what else could explain this crap?
The House and Senate Budget committees will unveil fiscal blueprints today that pave the way for additional tax relief while seeking billions in spending cuts that target Medicaid, farm assistance, major weapons systems and just about every other domestic program.

Offsetting tax breaks mostly for the affluent with spending cuts that could hurt the poor could be politically risky, particularly in the Senate, where moderate Republicans have already warned that the juxtaposition may be untenable.
So, so many things wrong in those two short paragraphs. First off, it's not tax "relief" when it's mainly going to the uber-rich. Things like cuts on taxes for "capital gains" and "dividends" aren't helping out you or me. And it's a little ironic in an Alanis Morissette kind of way that those cuts in farm subsidies are targeted disproportionately at red states (i.e. because in the end, everyone gets fucked under the Bush plan, so this was to be expected, thus not ironic). Cutting major weapons systems? Isn't that the kind of sissy thing that made John Kerry unsuitable to be the prez? And thank god the GOP has the courage to take on special interest groups such as students, the elderly, children, and the poor by cutting other domestic programs.

Also, the spending cuts do not offest the tax giveaways. It's the tax cuts fueling the deficit. And it's not "politically risky." It's just wrong.

Then we have the bankruptcy bill which will help nobody except the credit card industry, and that's a very bad, bad thing. When it comes time to build the debtors prisons, Halliburton will receive the no-bid contracts, Rummy will be named Warden, Alberto Gonzales will be in charge of the hacks, and Condi will strike the Lynndie England pose in front of the naked pyramid of senior citizens who couldn't pay off their medical bills. And for a few cartons of cigarettes, adulterer Neil Bush will sneak in the prostitutes that he slept with in Thailand.

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