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Friday, March 25, 2005

Did I miss anything? Anything ridiculous been going on in the news? With the second anniversary of the invasion of Iraq (and the 12th anniversary of our O.M. team getting shafted at regionals), surely the media have been focused on assessing how the current situation in Messopotamia matches up with what we were told by Bushco way back when. No? Don't miss out on bidding for your very own Iraqi WMD.

When last we spoke, I was tied for first in the NCAA tourney pool. Now I'm all alone up top. Roanoke has made a move to be in a tie for second with Juneau. El Diablo is hanging on in the fourth position but with Gonzaga out his chances are slim. Speaking of slim, Fenway Slim is still within range if Kentucky makes the Final Four and UNC wins it all.

And speaking of Fenway, thanks again to Slim and Mrs.Slim for putting me up for a couple of nights, or as my legal counsel puts it, "wasting their weekend on me." If I learned one thing from my time in Boston, it is that you really should try a frozen chocolate Charleston Chew. If I learned two things, the second is that another sociologist and I apparently look too old to be hanging out in a loud and crowded bar (why else would the waitress have repeatedly warned us that it was going to get loud and crowded and ask if we wanted the check?). Where else were we going to watch 6'3" lunkheads bopping around to Limp Rock and Kid Bizkit?

And if I learned one thing while on the Cape that would be that the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History doesn't subscribe to Creation Science Evangelism because the museum would have you believe that the Cape has been around for millions of years. Hogwash, I say.

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