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Sunday, February 20, 2005

"Where's Junior?" Today was the running of the Daytona 500, and like last year, we watched the race. And like last year, I fell asleep, and my legal counsel lectured me on how I wasn't understanding "the against machine, the ultimate competition." And when Junior (Dale Earnhardt Jr., #8) pulled ahead of Tony Stewart with five laps to go, she let out a whoop of excitement, "Yeah, go, Junior, go!" But then after another caution, Jeff Gordon pulled out ahead of the pack and took the win. This much to her dismay, "I hate Jeff Gordon!" I'm not exactly sure where this animosity toward Jeff Gordon comes from, but she loathes the Rainbow Warrior.

But NASCAR is the fastest growing "sport" in recent years, and I guess this just demonstrates its reach. I just hope that I don't go out to the car one day to find a number 8 decal in the rear window.

(I should disclose here that I had actually turned to the race while Nathalie was out, and I did sit there and watch most of it--for the crashes, of course)

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