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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Rich people kick ass. The Post has this article talking about how most people don't agree with Shrub's assessment that Soc.Security is in a "crisis," but that most people think it will go bankrupt within two decades (which is also completely wrong in more ways than one). But this passage struck me as quite amusing:
Solid majorities reject both increases in payroll taxes and decreases in retirement benefits, except for the wealthy.
Ahhh ha ha ha. Oh, you wealthy people, you crack me up. Why should you care about cuts in benefits? And why wouldn't you support increases in payroll taxes? It's as if the government stops collecting payroll taxes on amounts over $80,000 and the wealthy are less reliant on those monthly social security checks.

Update: Daver might be right that rather than the wealthy supporting cuts in benefits or increases in payroll taxes, solid majorities support cuts in benefits for the wealthy and increases in payroll taxes on the wealthy. And I think his interpretation might be right. I just find it hard to believe that all of a sudden, the same people who supported Shrub's tax cuts for the rich and all his other programs intended to fuck over the middle and working class would realize that the rich are getting the best of them. BUT, I would bet that the rich would have less of a problem with cuts in benefits and a raise in the payroll tax rate (but not the cap on payroll taxes).

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