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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Class. At today's press conference where Shrub announced the nomination of John Negroponte for the National Intelligence Director (a position that Bush opposed and then could say he flip-flopped on it), Dear Leader was calling on reporters, and we have this exchange:
THE PRESIDENT: Let's see, have I gone through all the TV personalities yet?

Q Yes. (Laughter.)


Q Mr. President, good morning.

THE PRESIDENT: A face made for radio, I might add.

Q Thank you. My mother appreciates it. (Laughter.)
What an obnoxious asshole. "Face for radio" is a way of calling someone u-g-l-y ugly. I'm sure the guy's mom really appreciates Shrub calling her son an ugly son of a buck. And this also shows just how entirely unoriginal our fratboy prez really is. He has apparently made this joke on several other occasions, most notably at another press conference back in October of 2003.

Here's a funny site comparing the leadership style of Shrub and David Brent of "The Office."

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