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Monday, November 01, 2004

A word about Virginia. Virginia hasn't gone to a Democrat since 1964 when Johnson beat Goldwater. Most likely, that's not going to change this time. But if that were to change, this would be the year. First, there have been a record number of absentee ballots returned--nearly 25,000 more than in 2000. Voter registration has also gone up by 11 percent, adding 400,000 people to the voter rolls. Virginia has also lost 27,000 jobs since 2001. And the Roanoke Times, the largest circulating paper in SWVA, endorsed Kerry.
Bush won Virginia in 2000 by 220,000, and Nader captured 60,000 votes. So it's a stretch.
As for Maryland, it's a safe blue state. But I'll still be at the polling place at 6:45 tomorrow morning. I just can't decide who to vote for.
On a side note, I've been watching some of the MTV Choose or Lose programming today. Interestingly enough, it's probably more informative and honest than the crap on the cable news networks.

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