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Thursday, November 18, 2004

True Crime. What is the matter with red-state people?! What does naked yardwork have to do with family values?
A Fredericksburg woman who made her son rake leaves in the nude as a punishment for his poor school behavior pleaded guilty to a felony this week.
According to the evidence, the incident occurred on April 27 in the Mayfield subdivision.

The 12-year-old boy had aggravated his mother by continuing to get in trouble at school. The mother responded by sending him outside that evening to rake leaves naked.

A neighbor saw the boy and called police. The naked boy was still outside with the rake in his hand when police arrived. He told police he was being punished for misbehaving in school.

The boy was never removed from the mother's custody. Haney said the mother and the child are both doing much better now.
That's just awesome. Whatever happened to a bar of soap in the mouth?

" was...soap poisoning!"

(link courtesy YLH Legal Counsel)

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