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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

T.A.R. Episode 1. Those pictures on the CBS website didn't quite reveal how out of shape Gus is. Otherwise, I wouldn't have put my money on his team. But, it's early, and he probably knows 49 ways to kill the other teams.

On the bio for Adam and Rebecca, it says, "Rebecca's first impression of Adam was that he was gay, but after he pursued her for months, he proved otherwise." I have no idea why she would have thought that he's gay. It should also say on their bio that reading is not a strong suit, otherwise they'd have not filled up their diesel-fueled car with unleaded. Dumbasses, don't you watch this show?

As for the married couple who were hoping this would get their relationship on so much. From their bio: "one of the worst moments in their relationship was when they had a fight on a trip to Miami and their entire argument was recorded after her cell phone accidentally dialed her mother's answering machine." Well, suckers, all 15 fights from the first show were recorded and broadcast nationally. It's like the guy watched Colin from last season and said, "I can be just like that guy...but louder and more obnoxious and even more demeaning to my partner!" Lady, get away from him.

I like the wrestlers because their fighting is of the more entertaining kind. It's all scripted anyway.

Avi and Joe we hardly knew ye. And I don't think that's such a bad thing.

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