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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

I heart Halliburton. Such easy fodder for blogging. The corruption just never ends with these people.
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. ambassador to Kuwait pressured Halliburton to give a contract in 2003 to a Kuwaiti company now suspected of overcharging to bring fuel into Iraq (news - web sites), according to State Department documents released on Wednesday....

The documents, excerpts of which were released by Democratic Rep. Henry Waxman (news, bio, voting record), also said the State Department received information in the summer of 2003 that Halliburton officials allegedly demanded kickbacks and solicited bribes from Altanmia Commercial Marketing Company of Kuwait....

According to the documents, on Dec. 2, 2003, Richard Jones, U.S. ambassador to Kuwait until July 2004, sent an e-mail directing unidentified officials: "Tell KBR to get off their butts and conclude deals with Kuwait NOW! Tell them we want a deal done with Altanmia within 24 hours and don't take any excuses."

The e-mail added, "If Amb. Bremer hears that KBR is still dragging its feet, he will be livid," referring to the U.S. civilian administrator of Iraq, Paul Bremer.

And while soldiers are dying left and right, the rich keep doing their thing.
In one "sensitive but unclassified" document, the wife of a senior KBR manager reportedly lost her diamond watch at the Kuwaiti Hilton, where most KBR staff were staying, and her husband demanded the hotel buy her another one.

The e-mail, sent by an unidentified U.S. official, said the KBR manager's wife was "enamored with her new timepiece," an expensive Cartier watch.

Assholes. Freakin Cartier watches for KBR wives, yet reservists have had to buy their own body armor. Why can't we get some good ol' fashioned castle-storming going on around here?

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