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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

The Amazing Race. Thanks to Anne for pointing out that the new season starts tonight at 9:00 on CBS.

Handicapping some of the teams, I don't give the older couple a chance. Old people never win on reality TV. That's just the way it is. One team is an ex-couple, and another is hoping that the game will helpe them get their marriage back on track. Strikes against them. And then there is the team w/ professional wrestlers. They'll make it some way to mid-season. The engaged models will stick around longer than we want them to. And I don't give the Mormon team much of a shot.
My pre-season pick for the win is the team of Gus and Hera.
Gus & Hera are a father and daughter from and Gaithersburg, Maryland and Los Angeles, California, respectively. Gus is a former CIA agent, covert operative and the first person to fly an open-cockpit plane to the North Pole. Hera is a special education teacher and holds a Masters degree in special education with a cross-cultural emphasis.
Covert operative? That's gotta help somehow. And a special ed teacher will know how to deal with some of the other teams. But, none of that matters, as shown by Season 3 winners Flo and Zack.

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