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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Two weeks from the election, and I'm quickly reaching a burn-out point. Bushco really is the teflon administartion. They were asleep at the wheel pre-9/11. Blew the surplus, created record deficits, tax-cuts favoring the wealthy. Lied about the true cost of their medicare overhaul. Abu Ghraib. No WMD. No post-war plan. Over-extended military. Osama bin Forgotten. The Plame case. Gitmo abuses. No terror convictions. Job losses. Increased poverty, increased cost of everything, decreased wages. Environmental degradation. AWOL. Increased worldwide terrorism.

Yet, Murkans keep eating up the "strong leader" bullshit.
On the last point, increased worldwide terrorism, I really do not see why Kerry has not made more of an issue of this. Shrub's own State Department says that terrorism has gone up, not down, since 9/11. Seems to me like that's the strongest indictment of Shrub's handling of the issue. If it's fear of being accused of politicizing the so-called "war on terra," well forget that, BC04 are running their entire campaign on a politicization of the war on terra.
But, nobody asks me.

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